Where to Eat in Venice Beach

They say Westside is the best side, and I would have to agree. Venice Beach is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles, mainly because it’s the quintessential California beach city with amazing food, surf, and sand. However, while tourists will make a beeline for the beach, you will find the locals eating and shopping in the beautifully quaint little boulevard of Abbott Kinney.

Great White: If you’re in the area and have a hankering for brunch, you must pay a visit to my favorite brunch spot, Great White. I love their algae bowls (pictured below) and their corn fritters with Halloumi cheese which is their star dish in my book. The interior is gorgeous and the staff so friendly and kind. Honestly, everything leaves a lasting and delicious impression as they were just named “Hottest New Restaurant” on The Venue Report.

2 iced coffees, fruit bowl, avocado toast, and sunglasses on the table
The Brunch Menu at Great White

IMG_1716Algae Fruit Bowl and haloumi cheeseIMG_2688.JPGIMG_2076

Banh Mi Venice: If you’re hungry for lunch and in the mood for Vietnamese Sandwiches, please make your way to visit Heidi who owns Banh Mi Venice. Her little space in a tiny unassuming lot on Lincoln may fool you if you wiz by, but honestly she’s done a beautiful job decorating from the ceiling to floor, little tables, gorgeous tile, and fresh flowers. Her personality and friendliness is infectious and she pours every ounce of that into her pork belly and fresh baguettes that are made daily in house. And to this day, I still think about her wickedly good Vietnamese iced coffee, it’s incredibly refreshing on such a warm afternoon.Yellow Flowers beside banh mi sandwiches

Donuts x Coffee: Don’t bother with Bluebottle at the end of Abbott Kinney, head to BlueStar for their brew and some serious donuts. If you’ve been to Portland, you know all about BlueStar. Thankfully, I don’t have to go all the way to the PNW for my favorite treats. My particular favorite is the Lemon Poppy and their Matcha. Nothing is overly sweet, and they do have vegan options which is amazing because you wouldn’t be able to tell. Blue Star Donuts Coffee Cup held in front of pink bougainvilleaIMG_2238IMG_1735IMG_2054Donut and coffeeIMG_2264

Other Venice Hotspots:

  • The Butcher’s Daughter– Vegan/Vegetarian Brunch *Order the Gluten Free Matcha Pancakes
  • Gjelina– Brunch & Dinner *Order their pizzas and baked eggs
  • Salt & Straw– Ice Cream, but not your basic ice cream with flavors such as *Maple Peanut Butter Brioche French Toast” and “Caramel Potato Chip”
  • Komodo– Korean x Mexican Fusion *Order the Kimchi Nachos, MP3 Steak tacos (trust me) and the Brutus Tots.

Outfit Photos Shot by Michelle Jun Kim




Food Gal, At Heart

Rebranding…#Butfirstcoffee Location: Alfred’s Coffee Kitchen, Melrose Place

It sure has been a long time, how is everyone? These past few months have been challenging. I’ve been really frustrated with social media and uninspired to the point where I ask myself why am I doing this? Are people even listening or do they even read my captions anymore? I’ve been sad and angry with the politics in our country. I’ve been frustrated with my day to day because even though I am self employed, I don’t have anyone to help me (yet.) I often feel very isolated with nobody but Boo to talk to or bounce ideas off of. It’s been very lonely and I definitely lost myself somewhere.

Recognize The Problems

Finally acknowledging that I wasn’t happy, I realized how my mood bled into how I went about my day and effected those around me. In an effort to change, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my home away from home which is LA this past month, eating and photographing along the way. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know just how many food adventures my tastebuds have been on recently.

I’ll look at other bloggers out there putting out the same content, same filters, etc. It’s that hamster wheel of manufactured/preset content. I believe that’s exactly what you don’t want to do, which is be like everyone else. So what do I bring to the table? This is what I asked myself a lot lately.

Take Action

Because I don’t know everything and recognize that I’ve flatlined, I have enrolled in some marketing and strategy courses to help fine-tune all that I’ve been doing myself these past years. Asking for help is hard, but it’s essential to grow.

Reestablish Who You Are

I’m a food gal at heart. I live for food. All types of food. People ask me all the time based off a few photos they’ve bookmarked off Instagram for recommendations in whatever city I happen to be in. They’ll ask me what to order based on cuisine and flavor profile, how to order it, and what time to go. I light up when I talk about Heidi’s Banh Mi shop in Venice Beach. I direct people to Okane SF for the most beautiful and fresh sashimi, but you can only go for Lunch particularly. See? I know my restaurants, in both cities. And it finally clicked. It was about time that @shoes_and_sashimi needed to be redefined.¬†Once I looked at what made me happy at my core, I got my fire back.

I will still be mixing in personal style, after all I still enjoy that aspect too and I’m not named Shoes & Sashimi for no reason. But, it’ll be done in a more purposeful way. I’m not here to sell you anything, it has to go deeper than that. I hope you will enjoy coming along my food adventures with me, you are always welcome to sit at my table.

See you soon,



NYFW Day 3

What a whirlwind Day 3 was. 2 shows, a presentation, shooting last looks, and the flight home. I woke up early to check out of The Hudson only to move down the street to The Giraffe Hotel to meet Julia. By 10am we were in our Uber, headed to Industria Studios to see the Christopher Esber presentation. I loved this collection, it was sort of an avant garde take on the parallels of machines and the strength of a woman. I thought it was beautiful in a very tough way.



By noon, Julia and I were headed to Pier 59 Studios for the Katty Xiaomara show. I changed into another look right before hand. This was taken right outside, and I really do think that Pier 59 is my favorite venue.


The Katty Xiaomara show was amazing. I sat closest to the front of house while Julia shot in the media pit. Below are some of my favorite looks.


After exiting the Katty show, Julia and I made it over to the Memere Presentation in the same studio across the way. I was so happy we saw this collection, it’s incredibly romantic and inspiring for Spring. The icing were the fresh white roses scattered along the floor, it was the perfect way to end our NYFW experience.


Briefly after the Memere Collection, I swapped my outfit for Lioness pants and coach gloves so we could get a few shots in my favorite venue before I left for the airport. Pier 59 Studios are my favorite, mainly because it is in fact a hub for production. You have all the different stages, all the behind the scenes going on, and I loved being in the throws of it all. Julia, thank you for capturing my final moments here :) Couldn’t have done it without you.


And there you have it. That is a wrap on NYFW Fall 2017. Mark my words, I am planning on going back in September. I haven’t been that excited, inspired, or exhausted like this in what seems like forever and I’m really happy that I made the trip happen. I’ll be doing some more posts on my travel tips and what I brought a long with me in more detail, so look out for those soon.

This week, @twelfthknight and I will be in Vegas for a wedding and I’m lucky enough to shoot while out there. So much is happening this month so I can’t wait to share with you. Thank you so much for reading and keeping up with me.


What I wore:

Grey Coat: The Fifth Label ($106)

Black Culottes: Lioness Official ($52)

Nando Muzi Oxfords: ($450 direct here ) Sentiero Shoes

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