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Facetune_08-04-2018-18-55-22Hi! I’m Lauren, an LA based boy mom and wife attempting to transform our remodel while on a budget. Ambitious? Absolutely. As new homeowners (and parents to a toddler) we’ve made some classic mistakes. This space is where I’m happily sharing our progress, helpful tips + tricks, as well as decor hacks that will hopefully be a nice resource for those in the same stage of life. Welcome to our work in progress, and welcome to our home!

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Don’t hesitate to email me: laurennakagawa@gmail.com

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All photos, video and written content produced by laurenasoflate.com and our associated social media accounts are owned by Lauren Nakagawa. Use of content in all digital and print forms is prohibited without written permission.

10 thoughts on “About the Author

    1. Thank u so much Amy, that truly made my day. I’m not a writer, but I’d like to think that what I put out is honest and 100% me :) Thanks again, I look forward to reading more from u as well!


  1. ahh your life sounds really exciting as a stylist and costume designer! I can’t wait to read more posts :D

    p.s. the sashimi pic you have in your header makes my mouth water haha.

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