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Have you ever looked at a room in your home and thought “I know this room needs something, but I just cant put my finger on it”? Hiring an interior designer is always an option but they can often be quite pricey and booked out for ages, so then you’re back at square one. We all wish we could have an interior designer readily accessible to us and at a reasonable price, don’t we? Well guess what, Havenly has entered the chat. Havenly offers affordable virtual interior design services by pairing you with a designer that will then render your room exactly to your taste and needs. From there, you get to shop directly from the designs created, so you can bring your space to life. How amazing is that?  

I had a blast using Havenly for our living room refresh. The process was so streamlined and totally stress free. I was so happy with the options they gave me and I love the way my final rendering turned out. As you can see, the rendering I approved for our space is full of warm neutral tones which I absolutely love. It goes so well with the look and feel of our home. Havenly totally nailed it!

Shop the key items from the rendering below:

* Coffee Table

* Wainscoting Trim 

* Ottomans

* 36” x 36” art 

* Buffet

* Sectional

* Olive Tree

I highly recommend using Havenly for your next interior design project. So user friendly and much more affordable than traditional interior design options. You can’t go wrong! And while you’re there, don’t forget to use code “LAURENN” to save an extra % off any design package on me.

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